Touching each other’s things is so 2019

The smart bike subscription service coming to London from December 2020. Fill in your details and we will update you on how to register for your Swapfiets.

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Hassle free cycling.

  • Your own Swapfiets.
    You get an always working bike.
  • Need a repair?
    No worries. Let us know through the Swapfiets app, Whatsapp or call us.
  • We fix it.
    We'll come and repair or replace your bike within 48 hours.

Your bike that always works

From £16.50 per month, you could be riding around London on the iconic blue tyre. We have a choice of bikes including single speed, seven gear or e-Bike.


How it works:

In 4 steps you will have a working Swapfiets.


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Here you will find the registration link and information on where and when you can pick up your Swapfiets.


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